This Is My Dream

From an early age, I loved writing. Writing was a medium through which I could express my thoughts and emotions. From there, writing developed into a passion, and I realized I possessed some level of skill. I have learned to enjoy writing in all forms. I’m that weird guy who actually enjoys writing essays. To me, writing—either creatively or academically—is a puzzle: how can I best express or argue a topic? How should I organize it? Which words best describe what I’m saying? Each sentence I write is crafted with a purpose. Admittedly, these sentences aren’t always good, but there is thought behind each one.

Writing is my dream. I would love nothing more than to become a published author. And, as many of you know, that was the driving force behind starting this blog. Writing is a craft that requires continual honing. This blog provides an outlet for frequent writing and critical thinking.

Therefore, I have, and will continue to, post my current writings to this post. Every post will be in the home tab, but this menu will link specifically to my writing.

As an aspiring writer, I improve through practice and feedback. For that reason, I encourage feedback and criticism. Either comment on the posts, or contact me through other various modes of communication. Each and every comment means the world and more to an amateur writer like myself. And I would thank you in advance for taking the time to read what I post.



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