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Hello (Welcome Back)

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

To those of you visiting for the first time, hello. To those of you former readers returning, welcome back. To both, I would like to explain where this journey has been and present a road map for what’s to come.

When I started this blog back in December 2011, the purpose was simple: Writing, like many things, requires regular practice in order to continue growth, and, at the time, the semi-regular blog post was a more practical way to maintain a habit of writing. Ultimately, that remains the fundamental motivation for this site, but with some slight alterations.

As of right now, I do not have any definitive plans of altering the layout or past content on this site outside of some potential edits and removal of a few posts that have become irrelevant with time. I toyed with the idea of cleaning house and starting over, but for now, I believe the past should remain if for no other reason than to provide contrast from where I was to where I am now and will be going forward.

However, I do intend to abandon the structure of previous blog posts. The “Music” tab has been removed and the heavy reliance on musical inspiration for posts is likely going to either end or become infrequent.

Politics (which never was a major focus here) will be kept to a minimum if not entirely eliminated. Politics are important, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of better outlets for such information. It’s entirely possible I’ll address topical issues at some point, but I’m going to commit a much more statistical/objective perspective on such things if they do arise from now on. Revisiting some of that content of mine left me with a strong negative impression so I intend to avoid that style of writing.

Coherency. While the overall tone might not shift dramatically, the plan is for less off-the-cuff rants or musings that fail to achieve any purpose except to satisfy some momentary emotional or mental itch of my own. Expect a series structure going forward. Blog posts will now be a part of an overarching series intended to connect one to another to provide context and a thematic flow. Series will vary in length, but the goal is to illustrate a narrative in order to limit the rather adolescent tone in many previous iterations.

For example, my conceptual plan for the first series is rather simply a recap of what has happened since June 2015 until now, both in terms of actual events and personal revelations through this time. A “How I Got Here” concept with detours into various experiences and struggles along the way. As it stands, this will cover at least a half-dozen posts over the next couple weeks.

Posting Schedule. This has always been the Achilles Heel of this blog. I never found the discipline to maintain a regular posting schedule and that led to the extremely varied content as I would often post whenever I had a something to say that was too long for Twitter. Tentatively, the goal is Mondays and Fridays, but that will be contingent on if I end up restarting my other blog too (more on that to come if I do).

Writing. I have been, if only infrequently, been writing again. However, how I will share those going forward will be determined later. Many of my former pieces were either directly for school or in relation to a class, but if I manage to complete anything I deem strong enough, I’m going to look for a posting outlet larger than a small personal blog read by a few friends. So enjoy the ones already here (if you’re new and haven’t yet). I re-read them recently and a few are still halfway decent.


Several years later, I am more weathered, weary, and worn, but the dream remains the same. I may never reach that mountain top, but I am not ready to give up just yet.


The Restart

Press down, hold for 10 seconds. Wait another 10 seconds, turn on.

The restart.

Except it has been much longer than 10 seconds.

But I’m back. Buckle up, it’s about to get interesting around here.



Pressing Words, Pressing RESTART One More Time

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet,

I wish I could tell you I am a master of eloquence. Or rugged traveler, home from wandering the world. But I am neither of these. I am just a man with a laptop and a lot on his mind.

I have spent my life chasing. I have spent my days chasing grades, objects, people, happiness, and truth. And I still chase these, yet the past year has yielded a new pursuit. Not new as a pair of shoes waiting to be broken, rather, as an overgrown path long ago abandoned. A new pursuit. A dream, anew.

I had a dream. I had a dream, not of noble unity, but of simple desire. This desire was born in the dark places of a young boy’s  struggle to understand. This dream began as a desire that began as an act of desperation. Beneath lamp light, stained in blood, this boy found a gift: a pen and notebook paper. Driven with passion, the two connected in a clumsy, disorganized manner. Those first ink-stained pages were the only testimony to a secret battle with demons.

With time, the clumsy prose was sharpened, and desperation gave way to talent. Talent weathered criticism, and continued growing until talent turned to passion. In those early years, the passion bore a dream—to write and, through writing, change a life or two. In other words, repay for that pen and paper.

But an immature man let a cruel world and the voices of his childhood demons steal that dream. The voices of Doubt told him he never would, and he believed them. So he said, “I never will. Those were the silly dreams of a child. This, this is real life.” And so he lived, but never really alive. Empty.

Empty has a funny way of spreading. And it spread, stealing the very marrow from his bones, the sinew from his muscles. Until, one day, he collapsed—no longer a person, just vacant skin. Suddenly, desperation was his once again. Through blood and tears, he fought to survive, but to no avail. He had forgotten his dream, his hope, the very breath that sustained him. Weary, his gaze fell upon a desk, illuminated by lamplight. Someone had left a gift at the altar, a pen and paper.

He remembered. He wrote. He dreamed.

Now here I sit, the pen and paper exchanged for a keyboard and blog. But this blog is more than a collection of writings (I tried that and failed). Rather, this blog is a post-modern sailor’s log of his journey through life in his search for truth. To this end, expect topics ranging from daily observations, to political or religious debates, to music, to interesting articles, and even possible original pieces of writing.

This online journal will contain my opinions, many of which you may not agree with. It is not my wish to stir up dissension; rather, I hope to challenge critical thinking. Posts may not be published on a regular schedule, but I will strive to maintain relevance. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but take baseless negativity elsewhere.

I am not always right; I am certainly far from perfect. This is just life as I see it.

This is What Doug Says.