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Forgive Me a Minute of Self-Promotion

So aside from this blog, I have also decided to revive the sports blog I started with a few college friends a while back: Snap Back Sports

I discussed here my plans going forward for those interested. My main focus will be hockey with a bit of NCAA football as needed.

If you enjoy sports, primarily hockey and football, consider subscribing.



From There to Now: The Art of Leavetakings

Note: Scheduled posts seem to fail to post as expected sometimes. This was meant to go live 5 hours ago. I’ll fix that going forward.
The first goodbye, at age 18, was hard. I had lived in the same house for over a decade. I had formed and cultivated a number of concrete friendships in that time. Saying goodbye to those people and that place was painful, the first time.

Six years later, I had developed a fondness for wandering. By this time, the leavetaking was, for me, much easier. Repetition breeds comfort, but maybe in part,  because I do truly believe I will be back. In fact, during those emotional goodbyes, that’s usually my parting promise.

When you spend as much time on the road as I have, you begin to develop a different definition of ‘home.’ Home is no longer a physical concept, but rather an emotional and mental state of being. I have learned to distinguish residence from home: a residence might become a home, but home is not necessarily a residence. This isn’t a particularly revolutionary thought, but I make this distinction to then explain the following:

Long drives, road trips, and general geographic ramblings have become a home to me. I find peace when chasing the horizon. The world never feels more in place than behind the wheel of a car.

And that’s where this project last ended—midway into a cross-country road trip that spanned over multiple months with half a dozen states as destinations. A glorious, but maybe ill-advised collections of weeks before the reality of my circumstances crashed down around me. And crash they did, but that’s for  later.

For two months after, I found myself trying to juggle vacation and productivity, living on a friend’s couch in Michigan. While I treasured those two months with dear friends from whom I had been long estranged from, I know now that was a mistake, maybe not in its entirety but at least in part. What it was was a feeble last-ditched attempt to avoid the twenty-somethings cliché: graduating, finding no ready employment, and returning home to live with the parents.

Three months after graduating with a Master’s degree, I was, for the first time since I left at 18, living full-time under my parent’s roof. The past year since then has been wrought with disappointment as I have floundered about in an attempt to find my place in this world. I have spent the past year in self-defeating cycle fueled by failure to achieve expectations both set by myself and others.

I am 25 years old, with a Master’s degree, $80,000 in debt and living at my parent’s while working part-time in retail. Simply put, I am embarrassed.

But change is coming. In two weeks I will be moving, this time to Illinois. I am beginning a new chapter, this time with a wealth of mistakes under my belt to build upon. I am determined, more than ever, to reach a different conclusion. I simply refuse to allow the year of 2016 to go to waste.

I’ve titled this series From There to Now, which should be rather self-evident to the content I will be exploring. The intention remains to use this multi-week series as a springboard into other discussions as I attempt to recover aspirations lost over the years.

Let me know what you think because, as I’ve said before, life is a journey best taken together.



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Hello (Welcome Back)

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

To those of you visiting for the first time, hello. To those of you former readers returning, welcome back. To both, I would like to explain where this journey has been and present a road map for what’s to come.

When I started this blog back in December 2011, the purpose was simple: Writing, like many things, requires regular practice in order to continue growth, and, at the time, the semi-regular blog post was a more practical way to maintain a habit of writing. Ultimately, that remains the fundamental motivation for this site, but with some slight alterations.

As of right now, I do not have any definitive plans of altering the layout or past content on this site outside of some potential edits and removal of a few posts that have become irrelevant with time. I toyed with the idea of cleaning house and starting over, but for now, I believe the past should remain if for no other reason than to provide contrast from where I was to where I am now and will be going forward.

However, I do intend to abandon the structure of previous blog posts. The “Music” tab has been removed and the heavy reliance on musical inspiration for posts is likely going to either end or become infrequent.

Politics (which never was a major focus here) will be kept to a minimum if not entirely eliminated. Politics are important, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of better outlets for such information. It’s entirely possible I’ll address topical issues at some point, but I’m going to commit a much more statistical/objective perspective on such things if they do arise from now on. Revisiting some of that content of mine left me with a strong negative impression so I intend to avoid that style of writing.

Coherency. While the overall tone might not shift dramatically, the plan is for less off-the-cuff rants or musings that fail to achieve any purpose except to satisfy some momentary emotional or mental itch of my own. Expect a series structure going forward. Blog posts will now be a part of an overarching series intended to connect one to another to provide context and a thematic flow. Series will vary in length, but the goal is to illustrate a narrative in order to limit the rather adolescent tone in many previous iterations.

For example, my conceptual plan for the first series is rather simply a recap of what has happened since June 2015 until now, both in terms of actual events and personal revelations through this time. A “How I Got Here” concept with detours into various experiences and struggles along the way. As it stands, this will cover at least a half-dozen posts over the next couple weeks.

Posting Schedule. This has always been the Achilles Heel of this blog. I never found the discipline to maintain a regular posting schedule and that led to the extremely varied content as I would often post whenever I had a something to say that was too long for Twitter. Tentatively, the goal is Mondays and Fridays, but that will be contingent on if I end up restarting my other blog too (more on that to come if I do).

Writing. I have been, if only infrequently, been writing again. However, how I will share those going forward will be determined later. Many of my former pieces were either directly for school or in relation to a class, but if I manage to complete anything I deem strong enough, I’m going to look for a posting outlet larger than a small personal blog read by a few friends. So enjoy the ones already here (if you’re new and haven’t yet). I re-read them recently and a few are still halfway decent.


Several years later, I am more weathered, weary, and worn, but the dream remains the same. I may never reach that mountain top, but I am not ready to give up just yet.


The Restart

Press down, hold for 10 seconds. Wait another 10 seconds, turn on.

The restart.

Except it has been much longer than 10 seconds.

But I’m back. Buckle up, it’s about to get interesting around here.