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I’m An Adult Tour of America

Good People of the Internet,

This is it: the last night in Boston before I begin my extended road trip, which I have decided to title “I’m an Adult Tour of America.” As I mentioned on the Twittersphere, there is a recently increased chance that I will actually complete the entire Tour and make it out to the West Coast, in addition to all my previously scheduled stops.

Barring a disaster or two, in the next two months I expect to make stops in Michigan, Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Indiana, and hopefully Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. This is, by no means, a complete list, but more or less outlines the hot-spots I will be focusing on for various reasons. I expect to visit other places along the way as well.

If I may be honest, I’m somewhat surprised this is actually happening and beyond thrilled that I have the resources to engage in such a crazy adventure. While I am hitting the above mentioned locations, when and where and how are all up in the air; I’m figuring this out as I go along, so stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be trying to post frequent updates as I figure it out.

I realize many of you friends and family have adult lives so I’m going to do my best to give people advanced notice before just showing up out of the blue. However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I’ll forget to or spontaneously do so, so I hope you like surprises!

Doug’s I’m an Adult Tour of America

May 21st through ????

Coming to a city near you. 

I felt this was fitting for some reason:


If My Home I Never Find

I did it. I made it to graduation.

Tomorrow, I’ll be walking across that stage, this time to be hooded for my Masters in Social Work. It has been an interesting past year and half, to say the least. I’ve had some great times and some terrible ones and a whole lot of fluctuation between two less extremes.

Now, on the eve of graduation, I’m faced with another convoluted crossroads of potential. The urge to run is back; the restlessness has been building over the past couple months. So, I am hitting the road after graduation. I am going to drive as far and see as many people as my dwindling funds and aging automobile will take my wandering soul.

Why? I have yet to find an answer for that which I can put into words. This need to run, to go, to wander has bewildered and frustrated many of those I care about, but I don’t have a better answer than simply that: I need to. I am searching for something, but it’s impossible to express it in finite language.

         I am searching for a home; I am searching for a place where I can have both peace and motivation—stillness and purpose.

            I am searching for an explanation; I am searching for answers to questions, and every time I start over I have found some and gained others.

Mostly, I am searching for myself. Somewhere between 18 and now I lost something and I’m trying to find it again, whatever it is.

And so, I’ll leave Boston behind soon. Realistically, I’m likely to return due to constraints of the job search, but even if I do, I wont be long to stay before leaving again.

Why? Because I need to. Because I haven’t found it yet.


“If my home I never find,
Let me live again.”

I’ve posted this song numerous times here, there, and everywhere. When words fail, music is the best expression I can offer, and there’s no better emotional explanation I can offer than this song.