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Putin’s Pyrrhic Crimea Campaign

I was considering a short write-up on the Ukraine Crisis, but then I found this blog, which does a much better job of that than I would have been able.

In Moscow's Shadows

It's not, but if that's where it ends up, that will be a Pyrrhic victory for VVP It’s not, but if that’s where it ends up, that will be a Pyrrhic victory for VVP

OK, I will confess that my belief in Russian realpolitikal reason is beginning to be stretched. Until now, Putin has proven a very effective–in his own terms–high-stakes poker player, with a keen sense of when his opponents are bluffing. He has been able to use that to parlay a much greater geopolitical role than Russia’s actual political, economic, military, even moral resources ‘should’ command. Of course, in foreign policy chutzpah is a crucial, if intangible asset, especially when dealing with a European Union that is often disunited and uncomfortable with active interventionism (I have yet to see where the ‘Action’ in the European External Action Service comes in) and a US presidency that appears unable to take a strong line on anything that doesn’t involve drones. My assumption was that Russian moves in…

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