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Leave All The Lights On

The last few weeks have been an ongoing existential crisis, which I quickly summarized on my other blog. The past few weeks have been a struggle on multiple levels, leaving me utterly exhausted most days. But, that was the inherent point of this move. Boston, or Bust meant more than just physical change of location.

I could have applied and attended schools in Michigan or near friends. I could have stayed somewhere comfortable and easy, and been happy with that, but I didn’t. Personally, I believe the best growth and most learning occurs when under extreme pressure. I didn’t just move here for a Master’s Degree. I moved here for much more than that. By the end of my undergraduate degree, I realized my life, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically, needed an overhaul, and I wouldn’t achieve this standing in place.

I am too good at being comfortable, so I needed to move myself into a situation that was inherently uncomfortable in order to force growth; the same type of growth I experienced during my undergraduate years. I wrote several blogs in criticism of those years, but I will be forever indebted to that university for fostering growth through hardship. That doesn’t lessen my criticism, but leaves me less bitter.

I have every expectation Boston will provide a similar result, but for different reasons.

I don’t think I’ve shared this song, but if you’re a frequent to my blog, you’ll know this artist. Noah Gundersen’s music, especially his lyrical talent, captures a part of the human experience I’ve  always connected with and this song is no exception.

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