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It’s Boston or Bust

I’ve led a disappointingly bland life over the past few months; with little to show for it other than some memories and a handful of paychecks. However, my life is about to take a significant change toward the interesting come January. The ground work has been placed (with the exception of a few remaining bricks) in route to the start of graduate school at Boston College. Things are about to shift dramatically, and I couldn’t be more simultaneous jubilant and petrified.

Therefore, I have begun construction on a new blog. I plan to keep this blog as well, continuing in the current path of content that I focus on here. This new blog will focus on a more professional, formal, yet also intimate approach to life and various topics. It’s my hope to use this new blog for records of my adventures in Boston along with occasional (or not so occasional depending on available time) discussions on thought-provoking, and challenging topics facing humanity and our society. I anticipate connecting both blogs whenever overlapping topics are addressed, as well.

I am attending Boston College in pursuit of a Masters in Social Work with a focus on Macro Practice. I hope to work in a field with an emphasis on policy/advocacy and human rights on an international level. I expect to encounter numerous experiences and challenges that will continue to provide an avenue for personal and professional growth, which I will share with you all to the best of my ability.

There’s a phrase, putting all your eggs in one basket, which is used to heed those from putting all your hope, expectations, and plans in one place. This is a warning I have rather ignored, perhaps foolishly. This move to Boston carries with it the weight of all my failed expectations, as I yearn for new start, a new city, a new life. It may be youthful foolishness, but it’s to Boston or bust.

I’m always in need of a travel companion along this journey, even if only through this ever connecting internet. Join me: WhatDougSays 2.Boston


(P.S. As I wrote this post, I received a notification of my two-year WordPress anniversary. Rather fitting, if I may say so.)

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