Step Forward, Step Back, But Never Stop

This was a step backward. Today was a step forward. Tomorrow is yet to be decided.

I hope, I strive, for forward motion, but I can accept backward movement. What I cannot abide is stagnation. Intuition suggests that neutral is at least better than reverse, but I have found that to be far from true.  Even in regression, lessons are learned. The most growth arises from the most trying moments. Every step backward can evoke two steps forward.

But stillness, nothing can come of that. You are neither improving nor learning from mistakes; in those moments, you simple exist and nothing more. And we were meant for much more than to simply intake air.

Step forward, step backward, both are necessary and beneficial, but never stop moving. Every moment you stand in place is a moment lost. We are each a collection of moments, let us never waste them.


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