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I Swear I’m Not Crazy

I’m not sure who’s more unstable: the clients I work with or me. 

Internal conflict was/is/will be the source of my demise.

Anyway, remember when power ballads were a thing? Neither do I, but I had a seriously 80’s kick for several years during late junior high and early high school.

That’s a terrible way for me to transition to this song; it’s the closest thing to the modern power ballad. 

Lyrics included with the video. 


This is a poor excuse for a blog post, but I’ve had a long day. Which is a worse excuse for a cop-out. 

Ah well. 

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Fly High

I’m re-organizing and re-prioritizing my life. I’m trying to make changes and hoping for success.

I’ve made in-roads into neglected aspects of my person, and I’m excited for the future.

I’m flying high, carried on the wings of music and friendships.

Weekly encouragement brought to you by Joshua Radin:

As always, lyrics:

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Fire in My Chest

Too often, I find myself buried in a wave of false excuses and burdensome emotions. These turn into shackles that drag behind me. As they increase, each step grows more labored until I collapse. In these moments, I find the resolve to cut loose and walk free.

Only to repeat the same pattern again. And again.

And again.

I promise each time, this will be the last time. And it never is. I stopped promising and started hoping. Here’s to another moment of re-dedication. Here’s to hoping next time will be better, shorter, easier. I’m done assuming that this will be the last time, but I simply wish for progress. One day at a time.

I have fire in my chest; I have dreams to complete; I wont let myself stop me forever. It’s a vicious cycle, a cliché, if you will, and I’m ready to break it. One chain at a time.

I’ll be here again soon, but maybe next time I’ll find some new ember added to the fire.

Man on fire, hoping to avoid the rain.