From There to Here: An Anniversary

I almost posted a blog post last night, but time prevented me from finishing the task, and now, I’m glad I didn’t.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog, the expected result of the hectic schedule since I returned from Thanksgiving. Therefore, I resolved to change that. Without realizing it then, I wrote perhaps the most fitting post for this week. Here’s an excerpt,

Original Title: The Path We Walk: From There to Here

“I have spent a significant amount of time in self-reflection these past few days, partially as a mental escape from all the school work; I have been in overdrive since the day after Thanksgiving break, and it’s exhausting…

…In moments like these, I inevitably pause and examine the journey I’ve made, from There to Here. It’s been a beautifully tragic several years and I refuse to regret a minute.

Each of you have a similar journey. Your path may have been brighter than mine, and for that, be thankful. However, I suspect some look back on a dark path like mine. Moreover, many have experienced a twisted, broken road  more difficult than I could ever imagine.

Regardless the road, we have all traversed across a wide range of experiences in our journey from There to Here.

While eyes fixed on the past are not productive, I have found it beneficial and encouraging to pause, sit down on the side of the road,  look back—if even for just a moment—and recognize progress made.

We were There, now we’re Here, and tomorrow we’ll be farther still.”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, it’s been a full year since I began this project. While I can’t say the blog has made much of a viral splash, that was never really the point.

Despite the frequent weeks of drought, this project was relatively successful in forcing me to write. Now I can take this success, and hope for more to come. I can approach the next year with increased resolve, maybe even commit to a regular posting schedule (ha…).

Regardless, here’s to a year gone by, the journey from There to Here traced in the lines of this simple man’s journal.


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