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Sprinkle Humor Generously

More often than not, my writing tends to assume a dark shade. I recognize this; it’s been this way for many years. Although, it’s much improved from years before. But I fear many of my posts portray a perspective that only describes half of a whole.

Life is tragic, but life is beautiful. And there’s humor in this life we live—there’s genuine happiness.

And so, here’s a  list of things I find funny:


You might not enjoy this one if you’re not a fan of British humor:

Something about this blog series never fails to amuse me:

Here’s another:

And this might be the best thing on the internet:


That’s all for now Internet people. I hope you enjoyed at least one of these.

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Sometimes the Simplest Song

Sometimes the simplest song can say more than the most intricate pieces could ever achieve.

Push past the details, sadness is simple. While the pain is complicated, the state of brokenness is a basic experience all humans understand. To call it anything else would sever the foundation of empathy.

And to attempt any further explanation would bankrupt its gravity.

I could never begin to count the number of times I have played this song in times like these:

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For Just One Dollar

Through the beauty of social networking, I came across a small charity/social action and awareness group in Seattle, Washington. Protosong was formed by a small group of college students with the idea of using previously unreleased music as a means for raising funds, specifically for creating sustainable water for individuals across the globe without access to clean drinking water.

According to their site, “unsafe water causes 3.5 million deaths every year, and 84% of those who die are children.” (link) Therefore, Protosong connected with One Day’s Wages Water Fund (link) to raise money to increase the number of people with safe drinking water and proper hygiene. But these websites speak for themselves, and I wont try to explain their cause for them.

Protosong’s music is Give Back. Get Music. Therefore, they have compiled a playlist of 21 songs from local musicians from around the Seattle area. For just one dollar, you received the entire playlist when the charity ends on October 18. The entirety of the donations received are passed onto the charity with a small amount withheld to pay the artist. Each donation not only provides water to those in need, but also supports local music.

Personally, I find this style of fundraising rather compelling, and maybe you will too.


Here’s one of the unreleased songs on this playlist:

Protosong’s site:

ODW Water Fund site:

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So All Must Be Well


If I had to choose one word to describe my life in the recent few weeks, it would be float.

My last several posts have been largely morose. I know. Yet, life is not all dark; there exists still some light.

If I were asked to draw a picture of life it would be a simple drawing: A black page with a small circle of light in the distance.

I’ve come to realize my general outlook on this life mirrors the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel mentality. Life is dark, yet hope sits in the distance, waiting.

At this point, I have no idea what that light may be and when I will reach it, but I know it’s there. I can see it, and that’s enough for me—enough to keep my feet moving.

Even still, the darkness often overwhelms me (more often than I would desire to tell). I’m walking toward the light, wading through water, rushing in a direction of which I cannot know. On those dark days, weeks, or even months, I find my feet losing traction. And I float.

Eventually, I find my footing and resume this endless march.

Rinse and repeat.

But for today, I will float no more.

“Keep the earth below my feet.”

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