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Maybe Tomorrow

Sometimes, that’s all I can do. Shrug and say “maybe tomorrow.”

Maybe tomorrow things will be better. Maybe tomorrow, I will shake this heavy sorrow. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll finally understand why I feel this way. Maybe tomorrow.

I apologize for the melancholy mood, but I needed to say this to someone, and I’ve found the Internet to be a good listener at times like this.

I have several running themes in this blog, and, hopefully, you have found the concept of perseverance to be among those. Life is tragic, but tragedy breeds beauty. And most things take time to heal. When the hard times come, often the only available path is to shrug, and say,

“Maybe tomorrow.”

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You Remind Me

(Note: I’m working on the third short story, but I doubt I will have it finalized by the 5th, my original due date. I cannot say for certain when it will be finished, but I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your patience.)

(2nd Note: The blog had over 100 views in the month of July, the third best month to date. Thank you; you all are awesome and appreciated.)

I’m continually reminded that there are certain things I’ll never escape. We each have specific experiences or struggles that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. However, these often cease to plague us in the same way they once did. At first, these things blanket our days in constant reminder and hurt, but, more often than not, that fades with time. These troubles and memories may even seem to disappear, but they don’t.

I’m continually reminded these things come and go like waves. Every time, I build a new castle of sand, only to be knocked down with the rising tide—a never ending cycle of victory and defeat. But, I’m okay with that.

Don’t misunderstand; the crashing waves are nothing short of painful, and the rebuilding process is always difficult.

Yet, I’ve found, I am okay with that.

You can’t experience true happiness without knowing extreme anguish. Hope is meaningless without failure. Beauty has no value without an uglier side of life. Love can’t be found without seeing hate and feeling loss.

Art is born through tragedy. Without my experiences, my struggles, I would have nothing to base my writing upon. The best artists, writers, and musicians are usually the individuals with the most tragic lives, the most devastating demons.

And this song captures this. Now, I beg your understanding, this song, and it’s subject, is imagery. It can (and does) apply literally, but also addresses a wider range of addictions and struggles. (The first lyrics: “you remind me…”) And the imagery is beautiful.

And yes, I realize how often I featured him on this blog. His music speaks to a generation of us struggling to understand.

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