An Address to My Friends: A Preemptive Explanation and Apology

(This post is specifically directed at those readers and followers that I have a personal relationship with—primarily my collegiate peers. However, this doesn’t exclude any applicability to those outside of that category, only that the implications—especially to my internet acquaintances and followers—will be different, lessened, or simply non-existent.)

Dear Friends,

Depending on how well you know me, or how closely you follow this blog (since this blog is much more efficient and informative way to stalk me via the Internet than the Facebook), you are already aware of the emphasis I’ve been placing on writing and chasing my ambitions for the future. If not, scroll through a few posts on this blog before proceeding; you’ll understand quickly to what I’m referring. While I have certainly failed to achieve as much as possible this summer, I’ve written two short stories with a third in progress, begun planning for graduate school, started studying for the GRE, and maintained a decent presence on this blog.

However, shortcomings this summer and inevitable aspects of the coming fall semester has left me with a grim realization: I am going to be terrifically busy. Between studying for the GRE this next month, beginning applications for graduate school after completing the GRE, working as a Resident Assistant, continued writing/blogging, and the anticipated high amount of homework this semester, I will have little time for much else.

As I recently discussed (read here), my bane has been, and will be, the discipline and focus necessary to bring my abstract dreams into reality. I expect this next semester to be no less difficult, if not more challenging, given all the demands on my time. Therefore, this coming semester will require a stronger resolve and increased sacrifice.

And therein is my reason for writing to you now. If everything proceeds according to plan in the following semester, my social time will be significantly reduced from previous semesters. Before I solidified my dream, I had the freedom of doing whatever whenever (within reason), but I simply cannot live like that anymore.

With that said, I will not disappear. I have always, and will continue, to hold portions of the weekend for socializing, relaxation, and other non-demanding activities. An easy way to burn out is to fail at providing for breaks from a rigorous schedule.

Furthermore, I’ve never been one to focus well within the comfort of my room. I find myself too easily distracted by the contents of my room, and too easy to fall into naps. Similar to previous semesters, the majority of my time outside of class will be spent at the library or the coffee shop. While there are moments when solitude is required for efficiency in studying, writing, or homework, I thoroughly enjoy spending hours with friends working on various academic studies. Basically, if you need me or want to spend more time with me than weekends, come by the library or coffee shop. Better yet, bring some homework and join me.

I promise now that I will do my best to not neglect spending time with any of you, but I cannot allow my dreams to slip away because I fail to devote the necessary time. This applies to both my writing and ideal choice for graduate studies. However, I am not too naive to know I will fail, at some point, to devote the proper time and attention to my relationships. Therefore, I beg of you now, with full knowledge what’s to come, to forgive my failings these next few months. I would ask for understanding from you as well; I will fail at times, but I can guarantee I will be trying my best.

Each of you is deeply appreciated and has improved my life in ways you may never see.

I expect struggle and difficult this coming academic year, but I also expect nothing short of greatness. Nothing is achieved without challenge, and I wont accept anything less.


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