In Case You Were Wondering

Today was the deadline for my second short story of the summer.

And, the story is written. Unfortunately, I was away this weekend and have not had the time to edit the story yet. It wouldn’t be fair to the story or you if I posted it today, but I’m planning to have it ready by tomorrow.

Episode 3 of The Newsroom is tonight; go watch that. You’ll thank me. I’m probably going to reference that show often. It presents a take on politics and news that I wholeheartedly agree with; it’s a version of the news that would solve many of our current problems if it became a reality. Fantastic acting, beautiful writing, and a great message. Check it on HBO, Sunday’s at 10 P.M. EST. (Or find it on the internet later, like me)

You’re welcome. And come back tomorrow. This story should be a good one.


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