Summer Ambitions

It’s been a while. So, here’s a run down of some updates to the blog/future expectations.

1. The number of actual comments has been relatively few, but I’ve been receiving numerous spam comments over the past month, so I upped the requirements for commenting. A WordPress profile is needed now. If you want to comment, a profile is quite easy to set up. If this ends up becoming an issue for people, I might lower the requirements back down, but for now, spam-be-gone is up and running.

2. I have significantly edited two of the three short stories I’ve posted. Once I finish my revisions on all three, I’ll post updated versions of them.

3. By the summer’s end, I should have a minimum of three new short stories.

4. That’s all for now. I think.

You should take some time to listen to these two musicians. Not only are they both friends of mine, they’re awesome and worth every minute of your time. The latter of these I posted earlier, but it’s worth repetition.

Ryan Hicks:

Christian Yoder:

Oh, and this: 

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