The Product of a Saturday Spent at the Coffee Shop

In a matter of two days, I was able to write another short story for my final workshop. Typically, I like to spend several days crafting a story, but time is limited as the semester draws to a close and I had only a week to begin with. As a result, this story is very simple, kind of short, but I’m relatively happy with the outcome.

As always, I’d appreciate any and all feedback concerning the story.

Proof That Deer Aren’t Vampires

Now, a shout out to my sponsors*:

This story is brought to you by the awesome music of my friend Christian Yoder. I’ve spent the past weekend listening to his newest songs on repeat, and you should do the same. Check it:

*By which I mean music that facilitated my writing. I’m not cool enough to be paid for blogging. Yet.

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