Too Many Cups of Tea

I sincerely apologize for the neglect of this blog. I may not manage to resume a rhythm before the semester’s end, but, if that is the case, this summer will certainly see a revival of my dedication to this experiment. Hold me to that guarantee.

I have another short story due Tuesday, and I think this one is better than the last. Too my disappointment, I realized the previous one suffered from numerous flaws. I’m eventually going to find the courage to re-write it. Maybe this summer.

With that said, I’ve managed to overcome my eyes (some horrid mix of allergies/dryness/something stuck in one) with tea and music. And it has allowed me to conclude this second story. It needs some editing, but I will upload it to this blog like I did the last one. I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Let me leave you with this: Smile.

One thing I learned early in my adolescents was the power of a smile. I spent many days in school wrestling with depression and self-loathing. Yet, time and time again, my day was reversed—even if just for a moment—by a passing smile. It doesn’t take an intrusive “Hi, how ya doin’,” a smile is often enough.

So, smile. You never the affect you could have.

P.S. Because I feel guilty about not posting, here’s a bonus song for you to enjoy.

Modern Age by: Eric Hutchinson

Here’s the lyrics:

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