Long Overdue

To say I’ve neglected this blog over the past two weeks would be a kindness, much undeserving.

It’s true; I’ve been busy. Yes, I have struggled to find a topic worth writing about. And, I have simply forgotten, but those are only excuses. And we all know how I feel about excuses (link).

So, here I sit, a bitter cup in my hand, and little less certain than yesterday. But, past experiences taught me to float on. Nothing is simple. Never is, never was, and I’m almost  certain it never will be.

Life is a series of storms. Denial only leaves a individual unprepared. Accept the waves, and live one day at a time. Learn to love the sun and survive the rain. Weather is such a fickle thing; hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and play the hand that’s dealt.

Sure, life is pain, but life is love as well. The two are inseparable. Yet, each life is more than another Greek tragedy. Live, love, and die, that is the sum of a life, but–unlike some–I see beauty in each aspect. To me, that is living a full life.

Life is finding beauty in everything. There is art in every person, place and thing. Your charge is simple:

Find it.


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