Look At The Cool Stuff I Find When I Sit Around Doing Nothing

I love Spring Break. And being completely unproductive. It allows me to scour the social networking sites for gems like the ones I’m about to share with you. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Have you seen the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogans/shirts/etc. around? Here’s the story behind it:


Here’s a hilarious video advertisement for DollarShaveClub.com. Be warned, it contains explicit language.

A great new band, Hands Like Houses. Heads up, it’s not a calm song. But the guy’s voice is just awesome:

Finally, from @joshuafoust (on Twitter, for those confused), here’s a picture of Vladmir Putin swimming with dolphins:


Well, that’s it for this installment of Random Stuff Found on the Internet That I Enjoy, hope you don’t feel like I completely wasted your time.

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