Keep It Simple

[For those of you who like schedules, routines, and such, it appears I will be adding a new post at least every weekend. I’m trying to blog at least once a week, and the weekend allow for the most time for hobbies such as this. So! If you’re not subscribed/following the blog (which you should, just sayin’) check back on the weekends and there should always be at least one new post to read.]

Sometime around the beginning of the now concluded Fall semester, I wrote a note on a sticky note with a simple phrase: Keep it Simple. I no longer remember why I wrote this note, but it ended up stuck on the wall next to my desk for the duration of the semester.

Eventually, the yellow note became a part of the wall, and often went unnoticed. Had the note fallen from failing adhesive so common to generic brand sticky notes, I may have completely forgotten it. However, the note endured through the semester. As the semester drew to a close, finals loomed, and bags began to be packed, I found myself noticing this note again.

Keep it Simple

A simple phrase. A common expression. An overused cliché.

Keep it Simple

We live in a highly complex world. Technology expands and evolves at exponential rates. As a society, we participate in a daily struggle to fit as much as possible into 24 hour periods. Increased efficiency brings only more stress, rather than satisfaction as we fill each crack with activity.

Just Keep it Simple

From experience personally and with others, I have found much of life’s adversity requires a simple, but sincere solution. From the beginning, humanity fundamentally struggles with distorting relatively clear issues. A combination of emotions and assumptions cloud an individual’s rational problem solving, attributing to rash and, ultimately, damaging “solutions.”

Relationships are too often broken by over complicating a disagreement. Eyes shed tears, fists abuse walls, and pillows muffle raised voices because a straightforward problem was made difficult. Disputes arise from a misunderstanding and lack of communication. One conversation of clarification could solve many of the relationship issues experienced. Sacrifice the pride preventing the problem from reaching its conclusion.

When the trials arrive; when the emotions rise; when the fights occur; when the frustrations begin, stop. Breathe, and remember.

Keep it Simple. 


2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Aidan Hobbes says:

    This is really interesting, You’re an overly professional blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to searching for more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

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