David, Sing Me A Song

(Insert ironic statement about starting an ambitious project during Finals week.)

One thing I can guarantee you: This blog will frequently feature music I find as I float around the internet.


Music, the simple symphony of words and melody, serves as the great unifier of humanity. I do not have the anthropological knowledge to claim this with complete certainty; however, I am unaware of a single culture without some form of music. Across the world, people cherish music. While the forms and functions may change from one people to another, music serves a vital role in each culture.


Why does music appear throughout history and across land as a common element of culture? Again, I am unable to make this claim with any expert knowledge, but I believe human beings are fundamentally musical beings. Music contains some level of emotion and meaning that supersedes normal language. Music connects with an individual, evokes feeling, and opens the imagination in a way no other form of communication can.

Music rejoices, cries, screams, whispers, dreams, and surrenders. Music reflects, intensifies, and suppresses experiences. Within hearts and minds, music itself breathes. Within each individual, music is alive. Music is more than a few notes and words on a piece of paper. Music is love lost and love found. Music is betrayal and companionship. Music is desperation and satisfaction. Music is the best evidence I can provide for the concept of a soul.

Each person views the world in a unique light. There are infinite shades of color from white to black, but the eye cannot detect the subtle differences, leaving only a small collection of discernible shades. Much in the same way, the individual approaches life subtly, but significantly, different from another. For this reason, those most similar to another, often share musical tastes, though the specific choices among the genres may vary. The music chosen reflects the journey one has traveled and is currently experiencing.

Therefore, I realize many of you may not find the music I share at all interesting, which is only to recognize our differences in culture and experiences. However, it is my intent to share with you my thoughts and feelings, which are often better conveyed through the songs of others than any combination of words I may attempt. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself enjoying some of what I have to share.

I recently stumbled across a young artist from Washington. His melodies and lyrics are often simple, yet he perfectly captures a variety of emotions and frustrations through his style. Noah Gundersen has released several songs, all of which are available to purchase through iTunes or his website, which will be included at the bottom. If interested, you can listen to the full songs on his website. Furthermore, Youtube has several great videos of him and his siblings (which are also talented). 

Here’s the lyrics:

I keep kicking at the curb with my worn out shoes
I keep running into strangers that say i know you
I don’t want to be a proud man, I just want to be a man
a little less like my father and more like my dad
I want to hunt like David
I want to kill me a giant man
I want to slay my demons
but I’ve got lots of them, I’ve got lots of them
I try to keep my conscience clean
I try to keep myself out of your bad dreams
I try to wash my hands for you every night
lest you find my strangling fingers wrapped around tight
I want to hunt like David
I want to kill me a giant man
I want to slay my demons
but I’ve got lots of them, I’ve got lots of them

And the website:



2 thoughts on “David, Sing Me A Song

  1. Bill says:

    Recently, in a poetry writing class, someone described poetry as a distillation life events in to one crystal clear drop of dew that is so shared as to resonate with humanity. I have found poetry to be that way for me. Music is like poetry on steroids. The subtle emotions stirred by poetry given voice by strings or horns, the rhythms of life moving forward or reflecting on the past. Add to that impassioned vocals, whether achieved from the personal experience of a singer/song writer or interpreted by an emphatic singer, and you have a medium that truly does stir the soul. Life without poetry or music is a grid and can leave one hopeless and bitter. In my opinion music is the best way to proverbially walk in someone else’s shoes. In all of history poets have been the first to bring oppression and suffering to light.

    • Doug says:

      I love this and heartily agree. I’ve always viewed music in a similar light. Take those words and add music, you create something truly moving. Thank you for this. I may end up quoting parts or all of this comment you posted with your permission at some point in the future because I love how you described it. You captured much of what I was hoping to say in those few sentences.

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